LISA14 - Day The Last

On typing at people, not computers, and saying goodbye for another year.

The Last Day of LISA14

Well, it's been a long, full week and it's time for me to leave the chilliness of Seattle for the chilliness of Brooklyn. I find that the more I learn at a conference, the more tiring it tends to be as my brain desperately tries to process everything while running on not nearly enough sleep (as I said to fellow blogger Hugh, my brain is over).

The Anxiety of Wrapping UpDi

After my day as an exhibitor at LISA14 I decided I was going to be sure I got my day as a participant.

LISA14 - Day Five

On the two great things of LISA: things you know you need to find out, and finding out things you never, ever thought about.

An Intervew with Ted Ts'o

Congratulations to Theodore Ts'o, who was just awarded the 2014 LISA Award for Outstanding Achievement in System Administration at LISA14. We recently sat down with Ted, and had the chance to ask him a few questions.

On the Joys of Being a Vendor Exhibitor

OK yesterday was a very different day than the previous ones.  The Conference Program starts on Wednesday.  The tutorials and workshops are largely over and it's time to hear from the people doing research or presenting invited talks on the whole gamet of our work.  I got to listen to the opening and the keynote speech by Ken Patchett, a sysadmin at Facebook (They let a SYSADMIN talk in PUBLIC!!).  He gave an animated and colorful account of the evolution of the Facebook datacenter standards and the efforts that have gone into making their work efficient in a number of dimensions.

LISA14 - Day Four

On problems that have no solution...yet.

What a Day 2!

Today was the first day of conference talks, as opposed to the excellent training and workshops of yesterday, and wow, my brain is full!

Bespoke, Hand Crafted Engineer


I have a problem. Well, several. But specifically, I’m not trained as an engineer. That’s a bad thing, because the further I go in my career in IT Operations and software development, the more like an engineer I’m expected to be. 

To be honest, I’m not actually trained as an IT Ops person, either. Like most people, I sort of backed into the job. I was a tech support agent who knew Linux, got taken under an admin’s wing, brought onto the team, learned and grew, and gradually got more responsibility. 

Sysadminprov and Uninterrupted Social InteractionsIn

This is going to be a shorter lightning post than my earlier ones.  I got very into what I was doing and the people I was with yesterday and didn't spend as much time (any time really) taking notes.  It's 30 minutes to deadline so here goes.

Morning: Improv workshop

Workshops are my bread and butter at LISA these days.  I start the day with a workshop.  Typical, right? Wade Minter's "Improv: Think, React, Go" (not golang) workshop turned out to be very different and a lot of fun (I think there was some subversive learning in there too). 


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