Navigating in the Dark

Thursday, 27 October, 2022 - 16:0016:25 CEST

Nati Cohen, AWS


In recent years an increasing amount of resources is invested in system observability, notification management and incident response. While these systems provide us with better visibility into our applications and shorten the time to mitigation, what happens when both suffer an outage? In this talk we will review the different ways we can find ourselves flying blind, what other systems and processes are likely to suffer a correlated failure, and what can we do about it.

Nati Cohen, AWS

Nati is a Solutions Architect with AWS. He delights in helping customers simplify complex systems, teaching them about the inner workings of cloud services and debugging annoying technical oddities. When he is not at his computer he is soldering electronic kits, tinkering with smaller computers and drumming on a Taiko.

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