Rock Fishing and Incident Analysis: Increasing Insight

Thursday, 27 October, 2022 - 14:0014:40 CEST

Thai Wood


Rock fishing is a dangerous sport with recent efforts to improve safety, this starts with an understanding of what creates safety. I'll explore how incident analysis can help us learn more about what creates safety and how to contrast these different ways of knowing, through the lens of these rock fishers and researchers. Whether someone is an experienced incident responder, has never had to be on call, or is looking to start an SRE program, there will be something for everyone in learning how to surface more information from incidents and how to better understand the systems at work.

Thai Wood[node:field-speakers-institution]

Thai helps teams build better systems and improve their ability to effectively respond to incidents. A former EMT, he applies his experience managing emergency situations to the software industry. He writes about resilience engineering at

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