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    Homeless Vikings: BGP Prefix Hijacking and the Spam WarsLISA '07David Josephsen
    The Economic Meltdown of Moore's Law and the Green Data CenterLISA '07Kenneth G. Brill
    Moobi: A Thin Server Management System Using BitTorrentLISA '07Chris McEniry
    PoDIM: A Language for High-Level Configuration ManagementLISA '07Thomas Delaet, Wouter Joosen
    Network Patterns in Cfengine and Scalable Data AggregationLISA '07Matt Disney, Rolf Stadler
    Data Center Growing PainsLISA '07Lou Marchant
    How the iPod Shuffled the World as We Know ItUSENIX Security '07Steven Levy
    SIF: Enforcing Confidentiality and Integrity in Web ApplicationsUSENIX Security '07Stephen Chong, K. Vikram, Andrew C. Myers
    Combating Click Fraud via Premium ClicksUSENIX Security '07Ari Juels, Sid Stamm, Markus Jakobsson
    SpyProxy: Execution-based Detection of Malicious Web ContentUSENIX Security '07Alexander Moshchuk, Tanya Bragin, Damien Deville, Steven D. Gribble, Henry M. Levy
    The Human Factor in Online FraudUSENIX Security '07Markus Jakobsson
    Language Identification of Encrypted VoIP Traffic: Alejandra y Roberto or Alice and Bob?USENIX Security '07Charles V. Wright, Lucas Ballard, Fabian Monrose, Gerald M. Masson
    Devices That Tell on You: Privacy Trends in Consumer Ubiquitous ComputingUSENIX Security '07T. Scott Saponas, Jonathan Lester, Carl Hartung, Sameer Agarwal, Tadayoshi Kohno
    Web-Based Inference DetectionUSENIX Security '07Jessica Staddon, Philippe Golle, Bryce Zimny
    Keep Your Enemies Close: Distance Bounding Against Smartcard Relay AttacksUSENIX Security '07Saar Drimer, Steven J. Murdoch
    Human-Seeded Attacks and Exploiting Hot-Spots in Graphical PasswordsUSENIX Security '07Julie Thorpe, P.C. van Oorschot
    Halting Password Puzzles: Hard-to-break Encryption from Human-memorable KeysUSENIX Security '07Xavier Boyen
    How to Obtain and Assert Composable SecurityUSENIX Security '07Ran Canetti
    Spamscatter: Characterizing Internet Scam Hosting InfrastructureUSENIX Security '07David S. Anderson, Chris Fleizach, Stefan Savage, Geoffrey M. Voelker
    Exploiting Network Structure for Proactive Spam MitigationUSENIX Security '07Shobha Venkataraman, Subhabrata Sen, Oliver Spatscheck, Patrick Haffner, Dawn Song
    BotHunter: Detecting Malware Infection Through IDS-Driven Dialog CorrelationUSENIX Security '07Guofei Gu, Phillip Porras, Vinod Yegneswaran, Martin Fong
    Exploiting Online Games USENIX Security '07Gary McGraw
    Integrity Checking in Cryptographic File Systems with Constant Trusted StorageUSENIX Security '07Alina Oprea, Michael K. Reiter
    Discoverer: Automatic Protocol Reverse Engineering from Network TracesUSENIX Security '07Weidong Cui, Jayanthkumar Kannan, Helen J. Wang