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    Specification-Enhanced Policies for Automated Management of Changes in IT Systems LISA '06Chetan Shankar, Vanish Talwar, Subu Iyer, Yuan Chen, Dejan Milojicić, Roy Campbell
    Experience Implementing an IP Address Closure LISA '06Ning Wu, Alva Couch
    Modeling Next Generation Configuration Management Tools LISA '06Mark Burgess
    Everything You Know About Monitoring Is WrongLISA '06Mazda A. Marvasti
    Is Entropy Winning? Drowning in the Data TsunamiLISA '06Lee Damon, Evan Marcus
    Windows XP Kernel Crash Analysis LISA '06Archana Ganapathi, Viji Ganapathi, David Patterson
    SUEZ: A Distributed Safe Execution Environment for System Administration Trials LISA '06Doo San Sim, V.N. Venkatakrishnan
    WinResMon: A Tool for Discovering Software Dependencies, Configuration and Requirements in Microsoft Windows LISA '06Rajiv Ramnath, Sufatrio, Roland H. C. Yap, Wu Yongzheng
    Perfect Data in an Imperfect WorldLISA '06Daniel V. Klein
    QA and the System AdministratorLISA '06Adam Haberlach
    LiveOps: Systems Management as a Service LISA '06Chad Verbowski, Juhan Lee, Xiaogang Liu, Roussi Roussev, Yi-Min Wang
    Managing Large Networks of Virtual Machines LISA '06Kyrre Begnum
    Directing Change Using Bcfg2 LISA '06Rick Bradshaw, Cory Lueninghoener
    High Availability: From Luxury to Commonplace Necessity in 10 YearsLISA '06Eric Hennessey
    What Do You Mean, Identity 2.0?LISA '06Cat Okita
    NAF: The NetSA Aggregated Flow Tool Suite LISA '06Brian Trammell, Carrie Gates
    Interactive Network Management Visualization with SVG and AJAX LISA '06Athanasios Douitsis, Dimitrios Kalogeras
    Bridging the Host-Network Divide: Survey, Taxonomy, and Solution LISA '06Glenn A. Fink, Vyas Duggirala, Ricardo Correa, Chris North
    The Last, Best Hope: Sysadmins and DBAs as the Last Guardians of PrivacyLISA '06Danny O'Brien
    Command and Control: System Administration at U.S. Central CommandLISA '06Andrew Seely
    Black Ops 2006: Pattern RecognitionLISA '06Dan Kaminsky
    Seriously, Tape-Only Backup Systems Are DeadLISA '06W. Curtis Preston
    The NMI Build & Test Laboratory: Continuous Integration Framework for Distributed Computing Software LISA '06Andrew Pavlo, Peter Couvares, Rebekah Gietzel, Anatoly Karp, Ian D. Alderman, Miron Livny, Charles Bacon
    Unifying Unified Voice Messaging LISA '06Jon Finke
    Fighting Institutional Memory Loss: The Trackle Integrated Issue and Solution Tracking System LISA '06Daniel S. Crosta, Matthew J. Singleton, Benjamin A. Kuperman