Computing Systems 1993

A quarterly publication of the USENIX Association

Volume 6 • Number 2 • Spring 1993

USENIX Association and Editorial Board

Guest Editorial by Prasun Dewan, Purdue University

An Architecture for Multi-User Software Development Environments by lsrael Z. Ben-Shaul, Gail E. Kaiser, and George T. Heineman, Columbia University

A UNIX Toolkit for Distributed Synchronous Collaborative Applications by Dorab Patel and Scott D. Kalter, Twin Sun, Inc.

Issues in the Design of a Toolkit for Supporting Multiple Group Editors by Michael Knister and Atul Prakash, University of Michigan

GroupDesign: Shared Editing in a Heterogeneous Environment by Alain Karsenty, Christophe Tronche, and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Université de Paris-Sud

Contributors to This Issue