Computing Systems 1996

A quarterly publication of the USENIX Association

Volume 9 • Number 4 • Fall 1996

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Guest Editorial by Douglas C. Schmidt, Washington University

A Distributed Object Model for the Java™ System by Ann Wollrath, Roger Riggs, and Jim Waldo, JavaSoft

Pickling State in the Java™ System by Roger Riggs, Jim Waldo, Ann Wollrath, and Krishna Bharat, JavaSoft

Smart Messages: An Object-Oriented Communication Mechanism for Parallel Systems by Eshrat Arjomandi, York University; William G. O'Farrell, Toronto Lab, IBM Canada Ltd.; Gregory V. Wilson, Visible Decisions

Design and Performance of an Object-Oriented Framework for High-Speed Electronic Medical Imaging by Irfan Pyarali, Eastman Kodak Company; Timothy H. Harrison and Douglas C. Schmidt, Washington University

Object Caching in a CORBA Compliant System by R. Kordale and M. Ahamad, Georgia Institute of Technology; M. Devarakonda, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Exeunt Omnes by Peter H. Salus, Managing Editor

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