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    NSDI '23BGL: GPU-Efficient GNN Training by Optimizing Graph Data I/O and Preprocessing
    NSDI '23StarryNet: Empowering Researchers to Evaluate Futuristic Integrated Space and Terrestrial Networks
    NSDI '23Enabling High Quality Real-Time Communications with Adaptive Frame-Rate
    NSDI '23POLYCORN: Data-driven Cross-layer Multipath Networking for High-speed Railway through Composable Schedulerlets
    NSDI '23Nu: Achieving Microsecond-Scale Resource Fungibility with Logical Processes
    NSDI '23LinkLab 2.0: A Multi-tenant Programmable IoT Testbed for Experimentation with Edge-Cloud Integration
    NSDI '23Unlocking unallocated cloud capacity for long, uninterruptible workloads
    NSDI '23Following the Data, Not the Function: Rethinking Function Orchestration in Serverless Computing
    NSDI '23Fast, Approximate Vector Queries on Very Large Unstructured Datasets
    NSDI '23Canvas: Isolated and Adaptive Swapping for Multi-Applications on Remote Memory
    NSDI '23Bamboo: Making Preemptible Instances Resilient for Affordable Training of Large DNNs
    NSDI '23Enhancing Global Network Monitoring with Magnifier
    NSDI '23Channel-Aware 5G RAN Slicing with Customizable Schedulers
    NSDI '23Building Flexible, Low-Cost Wireless Access Networks With Magma
    NSDI '23NetRPC: Enabling In-Network Computation in Remote Procedure Calls
    NSDI '23Zeus: Understanding and Optimizing GPU Energy Consumption of DNN Training
    NSDI '23TACCL: Guiding Collective Algorithm Synthesis using Communication Sketches
    NSDI '23Rearchitecting the TCP Stack for I/O-Offloaded Content Delivery
    NSDI '23Scalable Distributed Massive MIMO Baseband Processing
    NSDI '23NetPanel: Traffic Measurement of Exchange Online Service
    NSDI '23DChannel: Accelerating Mobile Applications With Parallel High-bandwidth and Low-latency Channels
    NSDI '23A High-Speed Stateful Packet Processing Approach for Tbps Programmable Switches
    NSDI '23xBGP: Faster Innovation in Routing Protocols
    NSDI '23RECL: Responsive Resource-Efficient Continuous Learning for Video Analytics
    NSDI '23Shockwave: Fair and Efficient Cluster Scheduling for Dynamic Adaptation in Machine Learning